Nadex Has Resumed Bitcoin Binary Options Contracts

The North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex), is officially and legally one of the two binary options exchange in the U.S. Since it was established in 2004, it has been a fixed exchange in the American financial markets. With the growing popularity of the Bitcoin Binary Options trading scenario, many traders are looking up to these contracts as a worthwhile investment.

Due to some technical problems, these Bitcoin contracts had to be stopped early in 2015. There were some issues with the TeraExchange group which was putting a non-deliverable forward contract for trading on its Swap execution facilities (SEF). This was solely based on the value of the BTC and the USD and had been offered to traders as pre-operational test trades. But instead of doing that, they presented it as an actual trading option for Bitcoin swapping. For this faux pas, the CFTC had to resort to warning them and put a stop to all trade. This resulted in a complete disruption of trade and unavailability of their index.

Resumption of Bitcoin Binary Contracts

Now, fortunately, the issue has been amicably sorted out and trade has resumed. In May last year, the CFTC issued orders to once again register TeraExchange‘s SEF and grant it full status thus making their index available for trade once again. Their facilities are now open and the services are also available for trade. So now Nadex has also resumed offering Bitcoin Binary Options contracts to all those who wish to invest in this option once again.

Why invest in Bitcoin Binary options contracts?

With the introduction of cryptocurrency for trade purposes, the Bitcoin has gained immense popularity in the trading world and so has the binary options market. More and more people are preferring this as a viable option because it is an easy and hassle-free form of investing.

With the resumed listing, American binary options traders are now allowed to get into the trade once again. They are once again open to trading with the volatile bitcoin with any one of the two legal trading platforms in the U.S using binary options.

With the return of Nadex back to the forefront in trading with Bitcoin, has allowed its loyal and frequent users to breathe a sigh of relief. Apart from Bitcoin Binary Options contracts, users can also look forward to new mobile app features to facilitate trading on the move.

Traders and other investors can also check out the Orion Code, which is a software code with the help of which prospective traders can restart their Bitcoin Binary Options contracts and get into business once again.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Banc De Binary

You may have heard of stocks, bonds, currencies and mutual funds. These are the common and popular kind of investment nowadays. This offer high interest rates and has dividends as compared to the short term investment you may have in Banks ort other financial institutions that offer investment products. Savings and time deposits do have low interest rate but these are short term investments. The above mentioned are the long termed investment which you can really benefit from it in the future.


Whether these are short term or long term investments, you need to know a lot about the type of investment. There are risks involved in such investments but the long term investments do pose for the higher ones. Binary options Trading is one of the most in demand investment kinds of trading online and Banc De Binary is one of the topmost Binary Options Trading broker which helps your assets grow. Investing in trading will give you a lot of reasons to grow your finances, especially the Banc De Binary options, which features a lot of assets. Here are the reasons you need to know on why you should use Banc De Binary:

  1. Banc De Binary trading is the number one and the most in demand kind of broker n binary options. It is the leader in Binary options. So, therefore, investing in this one will surely make you earn a big amount of money.
  2. As it has been said that Banc De Binary is the leader of the Binary Trading options, therefore it has a lot of assets to offer. You will never run out of assets you can trade. Like currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities such as sugar, oil, gold, silver, wheat, and corn coffee.
  3. Trading in Banc De Binary allows you to do a demo account first before you do real trading. It provides you virtual cash that usually amounts to $50,000. You are allowed to use this demo accounts as long as you want until you are able to know how trading works. By then you can already start on your real trading account and is required to deposit an amount worth $250 to start trading the assets. You do have an option if you do not like to continue trading in this Banc De Binary, and don’t forget to go to, you can always withdraw anytime, just the way you deposited your money.
  4. Trading in Banc De Binary allows you to trade in different assets and there is a chance for your money to grow because of the wide variety of assets. You only need to predict the outcome of any asset through knowing the direction of the assets if they are going down or going up. You also need to know the expiry of these assets.
  5. The best thing about Banc De Binary is that before you start to trade your real account there will be somebody to help you with the trading process. Even if you already had your demo account, still you are assisted.

So if you are planning to invest in trading, do choose Banc De Binary as it simply offers a lot of options and assets for you. It teaches you unique ways of learning about trading which will definitely allow you to know more about the different movement of assets.


Why You Should Use Zero Loss Formula?

There are lot of binary options investment system that you can choose from but there are only few that you get to put your trust with. One of the top-ranked and highly-recommended binary software is Zero Loss Formula. If you’re wondering why it keeps on receiving positive feedbacks and comments from online traders, here are the several benefits of using the software:


No prior experience required

You don’t have to be an expert when using the system. However, basic knowledge will help. Go to 10 Best Binary Robots as well. This just means that the software is not for pro traders only but even if you’re still new to the trading world, you can use it with ease because it’s simple and basic.

The team is transparent

There is nothing to worry about because the team tells almost everything. They are very transparent to the point that they revealed they only got a little percentage from every user who tends to win a trade. They are dedicated and passionate about their work to create software that will really help online traders and make their experience worthwhile.

About 91% winning weeks

You have to keep in mind that there is no binary options investment system that can provide an accurate 100% winning binary signals. If they are claiming to do so, it is most likely a scam. Zero Loss Formula, contrary to what its name indicates that there are no losses for you, provides about 91% of winning binary signals. It just means that they are not claiming to be perfect yet they are providing reliable winning binary signals. It is a great market potential to start with. The success rate of using the software is about 95%.

Compatible with phones and tablets

Aside from working on your PC, you can update and trade from time to time because the software is compatible with mobile phones and tablets. You can work anytime and anywhere just by the use of your smartphone. It can even work for IOS users because you can watch and download it using your iPhone.

Disseminates multiple signals

In order for you to earn some good cash, the software eventually disseminates about 19-89 binary trading signals daily for their users. It should be enough for you to trade and win using the provided signals.

You only have to spend an hour every day

In an average, you only get to spend about one hour per daily basis in order to work with your trade and the rest will be updating from time to time using your smartphone if you’re on the go. It’s not time-consuming for you can easily earn some money in a short span of time.

These are one of the reasons why more and more people are switching to Zero Loss Formula. Aside from its proven effective and legit, it also provides reliable binary signals and the team are more than willing to help and guide you through different processes. If you are looking for a binary options investment system, this one is perfect for you.

Reasons on why should you use Zero Loss Formula

There are lot of get rich quick schemes that you can find online and most of them are scams. If you are really serious about generating profit using binary trading, then you should consider using the infamous Zero Loss Formula. Here are some of the reasons on why should you invest some time and money into it:


It is automated trading software

Zero Loss Formula is automated trading software. It just means that everything is programmed accordingly and the software will trade on your behalf in case you are not online. In that way, you can do other important things all the while keeping your trades updated.

Average success rate is about 95%

Always keep in mind: Do not ever believe a binary options investment system if they claim to provide an accurate 100% of success rate. As much as possible, avoid scams, click here to find how to avoid scams. Zero Loss Formula may not promise a 100% foolproof success but 95% should be enough opportunity for a user to invest in the software. After all, it all depends on how you use the system and the success rate wouldn’t matter anymore.

Low entry cost

There are some binary systems that require a huge amount of money for an entry cost in return for an extremely high return of investment. However, Zero Loss Formula only requires $250 as your minimum deposit and you can now start trading online.

Full support from Customer Care

If trading seems to be intimidating to you, especially if you’re still a beginner, then worry no more. Zero Loss Formula comes with a customer care that is more than happy to help you with any of your concerns or issues. The team is aiming for a better and upgrade system therefore they are investing a huge amount of time in talking with their users through the use of email, chat or calls.

Simple and basic interface

There are some binary options investments systems that have a very complicated and complex design. Zero Loss Formula comes with a simple and user-friendly interface in order for you to navigate easily and figure out what you are going to do in an instant.

Full investment is not lost

If you are worried about your full investment being lost once you’ve lost to a certain trade, worry no more because Zero Loss Formula won’t lose all of your hard-earned money. This is for online traders who wanted to avoid risks as much as possible and wants an assurance.

Techniques and tricks are already provided

You do not have to figure out what you are going to do because they provide tips and tricks especially for their new users. There are lot of video tutorials, guidelines and tips provided just for you.

Now you know the reason behind those successful stories associated with Zero Loss Formula. It is a trusted and professional binary options investment that is proven and tested by many. It’s up to you now if you are willing to invest your time and money on the software.

How To Deposit Money In Your Banc De Binary Account?

You finally understand what a binary option is, and with the help of using the demo account you now know how to use the program without any trouble. For newbies who are new and nervous when using the binary option, they can have the demo account to practice and explore but in order to access that they have to create a real account and invest $250. Once the account is active, they can now enjoy the free demo of the Banc de Binary.

A photo by Ryan Johnston.

Naturally, you are no longer a newbie, thanks to you practicing the demo account, and when you feel like you’re ready to try out the real thing, then you will use your real account. Once they notice the increase in numbers of their money in their account, people like you would want to withdraw money, right? Banc de Binary can do it. You can deposit and withdraw money whenever you want and it is not too difficult to do it, so it will be done sooner rather than later. The Banc de Binary will allow their clients; their customers and you to deposit the cash into the account by simply using various methods.

Before opening your real account you need to invest, right? Because the price in creating the account is $250, the bigger question is how do you deposit your money in order to have a binary option account?

Here are some of the methods to use when opening an account, to deposit money and withdraw the money.

    1. Go to your bank account. Now you can use one of your accounts to withdraw money in order to have your banc de binary account activate. You can use the following depositing tools such as your credit cards, wire transfer or moneybookers.
    2. Deposit using the Banc de Binary or the Brit Method. With money in hand, you can go to the banc de binary to find a broker who can help you with opening an account. They will also guide you the process when creating the binary option account, so it won’t be a difficult process for you to do. When everything is good and done you can now go to the payment processor.
    3. Check the required amount for depositing. The broker will ask you to pay the exact amount in order to create your account, which is only $250, once you’ve paid then the process in creating your account will begin.
    4. The transaction. In order to verify that you’re account is now active, you can check by going to the website of Banc de Binary, login and see your money has been transferred. Once, you see the numbers on your account then the transaction has been successful. That is how you deposit your money into your banc de binary.
    5. Get the bonus. Now, don’t forget to grab the bonuses. For every open account, you will receive a bonus, as a thank you gift for joining the binary option world, so don’t miss the opportunity.

It is not so difficult for you to deposit and withdraw because you will have the Banc de Binary brokers to help you throughout the way. It won’t even take long because it has been done through online transaction and it is also a safe procedure so you don’t have to worry about your money not coming in, because brokers will make sure that there will be no problems. They made sure that their customers will receive their money on time so they don’t have to deal with the feeling of worry.

Make Online Trading Safe and Easy: 3 Ways Millionaire BLueprint Works

Online trading can be both risky and safe. It mainly depends how you make use of the tool to make your investment safe and productive along the trading process. Engaging on binary options as from of trading gives you easier way of growing your riches. Its easy to use and comprehensive tool gives you lighter and less pressure experience out of online trading. These tools are best expressed as binary option robots. The system of these robots work on lining up complicated data on prices fluctuations of stocks to give you a reliable data on deciding the next move. Millionaire BLueprint is an example of this binary option robot. Its use has made a lot of traders keep on using it as an element of growing their resources. Here is a list of the ways how Millionaire BLueprint secure your investment.

SONY ILCE-6000, SONY E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS. Processed in digiKam with the Daily 1 preset.

Dependable Accuracy. Like those highly paid brokers linked with reliable binary options robot, Millionaire BLueprint assures you with high competence of analysis on stock prices fluctuations. Millionaire BLueprint is proven to work this way as based on the successful stories of individuals engaged in online trading. The system works by simplifying the complex highwires of market prices changes to a comprehensive statistical data that predicts the status of prices on a period of time. Having a binary option robot like Millionaire BLueprint will make your online trading successful by helping you interpret the fluctuations, thus the spike or downfall of prices of commodities you are investing in.

Money Back Guarantee. With its high precision and dependable level of accuracy, you can guarantee your investment will grow exponentially. The payment for the broker required by Millionaire BLueprint is nothing compare to the return you can get from investing in binary options and the use of the robot. You can be assured with the successful stories you will read on the reviews of Millionaire BLueprint on the net. If you are still reluctant with these reviews, you can ask you a pro trader on your network how the experience of using it made her riches grow in short period of time. Sure there can be risk out of investing in online trading, but with the use of Millionaire BLueprint you will have your investment profitable and worth the risk.

Convenient and Easy. Millionaire BLueprint has gone its way to popularity not only with its high level of accuracy but also with its use and convenience. This binary option robot can now be used on both desktop and app version. It is made possible for you to access Millionaire BLueprint this way to make your online trading easier and free from hassle. Millionaire BLueprint is easy to use as expressed on its dependability and comprehensive features- which you will experience from the time you create an account up to the productivity of trading.

Having your way on online trading is gambling as how doing business outside the virtual world works. However, you can make the experience productive and less risky by making use of helpful tool to analyse data and give your investment a hit out out its precision. Millionaire BLueprint has proven its dependable accuracy on giving the best prediction out of analysing market fluctuations of prices. Its programmed system is designed to line up the complex wires of price changes and status of commodities in the market. Hence, this accuracy gives you money back guarantee on the money you paid for the broker required by Millionaire BLueprint. Binary option robot like Millionaire BLueprint  is convenient and easy to use. It is now available on both desktop and app version to give you a hassle free access wherever you go. Considering these three ways how Millionaire BLueprint works will give the highest form of satisfaction in dealing with online trading.