The North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex), is officially and legally one of the two binary options exchange in the U.S. Since it was established in 2004, it has been a fixed exchange in the American financial markets. With the growing popularity of the Bitcoin Binary Options trading scenario, many traders are looking up to these contracts as a worthwhile investment.

Due to some technical problems, these Bitcoin contracts had to be stopped early in 2015. There were some issues with the TeraExchange group which was putting a non-deliverable forward contract for trading on its Swap execution facilities (SEF). This was solely based on the value of the BTC and the USD and had been offered to traders as pre-operational test trades. But instead of doing that, they presented it as an actual trading option for Bitcoin swapping. For this faux pas, the CFTC had to resort to warning them and put a stop to all trade. This resulted in a complete disruption of trade and unavailability of their index.

Resumption of Bitcoin Binary Contracts

Now, fortunately, the issue has been amicably sorted out and trade has resumed. In May last year, the CFTC issued orders to once again register TeraExchange‘s SEF and grant it full status thus making their index available for trade once again. Their facilities are now open and the services are also available for trade. So now Nadex has also resumed offering Bitcoin Binary Options contracts to all those who wish to invest in this option once again.

Why invest in Bitcoin Binary options contracts?

With the introduction of cryptocurrency for trade purposes, the Bitcoin has gained immense popularity in the trading world and so has the binary options market. More and more people are preferring this as a viable option because it is an easy and hassle-free form of investing.

With the resumed listing, American binary options traders are now allowed to get into the trade once again. They are once again open to trading with the volatile bitcoin with any one of the two legal trading platforms in the U.S using binary options.

With the return of Nadex back to the forefront in trading with Bitcoin, has allowed its loyal and frequent users to breathe a sigh of relief. Apart from Bitcoin Binary Options contracts, users can also look forward to new mobile app features to facilitate trading on the move.

Traders and other investors can also check out the Orion Code, which is a software code with the help of which prospective traders can restart their Bitcoin Binary Options contracts and get into business once again.

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